This blog publishes photographs that contain a high artistic value and cool
Added: December 23, 2010
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Portrait Photography by Lisa Wiseman

After graduating with a degree in sociology, Lisa Wiseman decided to spend another three years getting a second bachelor of arts degree, this time in photography. Thanks to her parents, who didn't balk when she told them she wanted to do something ...

Glamour Portraits by Tyler William Parker

It was at a young age that Tyler William Parker culled the enthusiasm to capture images as they came into his focus. Parker received his first camera, a standard point and shoot, from his parents, as they embarked on various travels. It was ...

Black and White Glamour Photography by Mehmet Turgut

Mehmet Turgut was born in Ankara on the 21st of July 1977... After receiving his grandfather's name Mehmet Turgut, the same name would determine his faith as a photographer... For years he has mastered theoretical photography printing techniques, ...

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