Documentary and Art images from Durban, South Africa and the world. Bendheim has been in several exhibitions worldwide and has published images in books and magazines. He undertakes commissions worldwide.
Added: April 30, 2007
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Stadium, Durban, South Africa

Lots of people photograph iconic architecture, so the challenge is to try and see it a bit differently. Stadiums are about people, they contain spectators - and people move into them before events, and out of them after events. And in-between, ...


Coming home to a surprise in the evening is quite a delight, and so it was when I found our bed scattered with balloons.Photography is about memories and moments that have already occured, and I wanted to somehow record this lovely moment, so ...

Fairground Attraction

A new series of images taken at a Fairground with the Canon G1-X, which continues to impress. I love fairgrounds, and they are full of the most interesting looking people, as well as being slightly poignant for me, perhaps representing a childhood ...