Documentary and Art images from Durban, South Africa and the world. Bendheim has been in several exhibitions worldwide and has published images in books and magazines. He undertakes commissions worldwide.
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Stadium, Durban, South Africa

Lots of people photograph iconic architecture, so the challenge is to try and see it a bit differently. Stadiums are about people, they contain spectators - and people move into them before events, and out of them after events. And in-between, ...


Coming home to a surprise in the evening is quite a delight, and so it was when I found our bed scattered with balloons.Photography is about memories and moments that have already occured, and I wanted to somehow record this lovely moment, so ...

Fairground Attraction

A new series of images taken at a Fairground with the Canon G1-X, which continues to impress. I love fairgrounds, and they are full of the most interesting looking people, as well as being slightly poignant for me, perhaps representing a childhood ...

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