Pet Turtles And More

A blog about pet turtles, fish, shrimp and more. I share about my pet turtles and other related pets that I have. Some tips and product reviews included.
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Playing with pet turtles

Aquatic turtles play Here’s a few short clips I had made of my wife playing with our pet red ear slider (RES) turtles, Rex and Cinderella. Rex the male turtle, is on the left and tries to bite the toy first then Cinderella, the female on the ...

How fast do pet turtles grow?

If you have pet turtles, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve wondered yourself “how fast do pet turtles grow?” Turtle Growth Rate Factors The answer, it depends. Here’s why: what kind of turtle is it? Different species g

Father’s Day Turtle Gifts

Ahhh, father’s day. What to get a gift for the day to honor this man in your life (if you are blessed to have one, as they are getting harder to find these days). Not all men want to go all out with saying ‘TURTLES!!’ and most would

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