Parenthood for Dummies

Being a father is a wild ride. My name is Christopher & these are my observations, theories & comments on life as the dad of Ripley.
Added: April 16, 2006
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5 Minute Chocolate Penny Cake

My wife just made this for me after a hard day at the office. It tasted great and took 5 minutes to make including the 3 minutes in the microwave! No measuring, no weird ingredients you don't have.Try it and add a comment to this post to let ...

Surrey School Primary School Selection Process

I have just gone through the horrific process of applying for a school place for my first child. While I am happy with the outcome. I realise from talking to many of my parent friends that the application procedure is completely flawed. In ...

Credit Crunch

It has been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. Since I last wrote it seems the entire planet's financial system have gone into meltdown and the optimism and growth of the early 00's has turned into a dark, cold, depressing, homeless ...

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