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Added: February 04, 2016
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Why Sue Yourself With Your Own Money?

That is just what Probate is! Probate is really nothing more than suing yourself, using your own money and assets, for the benefit of your creditors and detriment of your family! The post Why Sue Yourself With Your Own Money? appeared first ...

Pay For a Loved One’s Education With an Education Trust Fund

Today’s parents are all too familiar with the budget-busting cost of funding a child’s college education. It can be challenging enough to put aside sufficient savings for a single child’s education, but for multiple kids, the price tag ...

What is the Difference Between Trustee and Guardian?

The difference between trustee and guardian is immense.  It is like comparing apples and zebras. A guardian, in this context, is a person appointed by a court to make another person’s legal, financial, and healthcare decisions. A trustee ...

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