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Own And Control: high-end technology, video tutorials and affordable prices enable YOU to own and control your blog, Website, Silent Auction or E-Commerce Website.
Added: July 28, 2012
URL: ownandcontrol.com
Authority: 32.0089
Language: English
Type: Website
Category: Web Design
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Membership Welcome Page

Create your welcome page. This is the first thing your people see when they login! 1. Here’s how to create it Go to Pages and add a new page. (or modify this one by clicking on the ‘Membership Welcome Page’) Title the page ‘We

Thank You page

This is the thank you page. This is where you can thank your members for their purchase of your membership program and inform them that they will get their download via email shortly. This can additionally be a great place to advertise any ...

Login or Upgrade Now

This is the error page that you will use in PilotPress for when your users don’t have the right permission levels. This is what people will see when they try to access a page for which they don’t have sufficient membership privileges. T ...

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