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A dillusional blog about a girl who likes to wander around life without knowing what to write. These are her occurances.
Added: April 11, 2009
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Farewell my friends...

Maybe it's not like i planned to, but I'm not having much time to post in every blog. Since this blog does not have much posts, and I'm planning something surprising, I will no longer continue to post here. I know, i know, it's not a valid ...

Tomorrow's Interview

About a month ago, I've presented myself for a scolarship to study in the United States. Since one of the pre-requisites to apply for it was to write a personal essay saying why would someone like to study abroad, and specifically on the States, ...

A pleasant call

The day before yesterday, a friend of mine from the UK, Z, called me to catch up. We met over the Internet, and since then (about three or four years ago), we call each other, whether to practise my english and his spanish, to catch up on each ...

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