Outlaw Anodyne - a Blog on Drugs

Outlaw Anodyne - a Blog on Drugs
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More on Supreme Court Warrantless Search Decision

09-1272.pdf application/pdf Object. This link – sorry about its being a .pdf document – contains the official notes from the recent Supreme Court decision, which ruled against the unconstitutionality of what police did at an apartment c ...

Corporatism and Prison Slavery, or “Oh, no wonder they STILL keep it illegal”

Why is it I never see anyone bring up one of the most important reasons there’s still a drug war and people are still sent to jail for years for smoking flowers? Drug freedom advocates talk about hemp, they talk about how Anslinger started ...

Supreme Court OKs Warrantless House Search

Supreme Court OKs Warrantless House Search If you’re on anything at this time that is going to make you feel too amplified in paranoia or depression as to possibly become violent or suicidal? I feel it’s my responsibility to tell you to ...

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