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The brutally honest opinions of Anthony Mango presented as is, with a little bit of humor sprinkled on top. Everything from social commentary and news to reviews and discussion on the entertainment world and lord knows what else that comes to my mind.
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10 Ways I Suck at Losing Weight & Reasons I'll Stay Out of Shape

It's January, which means the number of people that are suddenly becoming concerned with their weight has skyrocketed. New Year's resolutions all over the globe are reflecting the idea that this is a fresh start and the perfect time to kickstart ...

Why Do Women Say Fine When They Don't Mean It?

When men say something is fine, they mean "it's fine". When women say something is fine, it never actually means that the situation is fine.Why is that? Is it so incredibly difficult to just express your own feelings in an honest way that you ...

Why Don't People Use Turning Signals When Driving?

Why is it that some people find it so incredibly difficult to use their turning signals when they're driving? Not only is this so ridiculously annoying, but it's also very dangerous. You would think anyone less than a total moron would do everything ...

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