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The best visual illusions on the internet. Spend a while viewing these excellent optical illusions. Don't forget to tell your friends and bookmark or subscribe as I am adding new ones every day.
Added: April 16, 2006
URL: illusion.kitt.net
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Shady Optical Illusion you can make at home

Take a look at this amazing optical illusion which you can make at home with 4 strips of different coloured card.Via PreSurferTags & Buzzwords: optical illusion

Some Illusions but mainly RATHER AMUSING!

I found this site on t'internet which nearly made me wet my pants. It is called Rather Amusing.com and it doesn't disappoint, frankly I think it should have been named extremely funny. Anyway - the idea is, the site shows you a random funny ...

Funny Money

Can you spot the rude word in this funny money? Click to enlarge, scroll down for the solution.What about the devilish face in this note? Click to enlarge, scroll down for the solution.There you go - spooky stuff.How rude can you get? Wow ...

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