Notes on Parenting

Notes on Parenting
Added: November 13, 2010
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Summer Brain Drain Be Gone: Play is the Key

It's summertime. We are all supposed to be on a more relaxed pace, right? No more homework or science fairs, at least for a few months. But all over the place, you see workbooks for preventing the "summer slide" or online programs to help keep ...

How Breaking the Attachment Parenting "Rules" Taught Me One of the Best Lessons

I clearly remember sitting in my first mom support group 7 years ago. It was summer in Texas so I was sweating from carrying my son in his car seat into the meeting. I was also sweating because I was nervous.Would he cry the whole meeting? ...

Are Video Games Ruining Our Children?

There are so many things to worry about as a parent--is my child eating healthily, is he/she developing well, am I letting her watch too much TV, etc. The list could go on for miles. In recent years, one topic that has dominated many media ...

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