The New Orleans Saints NFL blog is dedicated to all things Saints. It covers the latest Saints game day reports and analysis, Saints injury news, the Saints schedule and roster and much more. It is written in an irreverent style and peppered with Comic book Saints pics to keep the faithful entertained.
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Saints NFL Records - 2011 Season of Record Breakers the Best Ever

So that was the season that was. 16 and done with a bunch of team and personal records in the locker. What I love about it is the Madden like numbers that I used to post as a kid on a console now playing out in real life. I mean its just un ...

Is Drew Brees God? Which Falcon Player Do You Hate The Most?

Let me start by answering the latter question first. Is it Matt Ryan? Sure he's ugly as sin but hey so are most folk east of the Georgia line. Is it THE Tony Gonzalez? He of the trumped up self agrandized opinion whence he says his name ...

Top 5 Predictable Things TV Analysts Say About The Saints

It's primetime TV and the nation is tuning in to watch a game from the Super Dome (I'm not calling it that sponsored thing ever). The analysts are on the mic and having just read up on the Saints they are all set to trot out a set of boringly ...