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This blog aims to promote better lives and a better world through better food choices.
Added: November 18, 2009
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Working out the kinks

I am going to need to figure out how to edit this, as I'm not Dr. Carl... so its really not "Dr. Carl's" blog, its the Natures Express blog... But do you care?Things at the restaurant are going well. We have a new lease, food is coming out well, ...

Sustainable Tuna. Is there such a thing?

I used to really love fishing. Sometimes I even fantasized about the future when I would have both the time to fish and some grandkids to show how to wait patiently for a bite.I also loved to eat seafood – tuna steaks and lobsters were my ...

Our kids deserve a better world

Our children live in an obesogenic world. That is the medical term for the things in our environment that make us fat.The causes behind the child obesity epidemic include a sedentary lifestyle plus a diet that is:High in sugar· High in fat· ...

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