Naples Labor Rights

Added: September 25, 2016
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Right to Work vs. At-Will

In my last piece regarding the national anthem and the NFL, I used the phrase "right to work" that people often use in conversation about employment conflicts when they really mean "at-will." Actually, these are two very different terms with ...

Kaepernick, Trump, and the Anthem

We've been trolled by the President of the U.S. again. Instead of focusing on his agenda -- building the wall and repealing Obamacare -- he has decided to rally his base (noticeably uneducated) by asserting that football players who kneel during ...

Some Other Thoughts About Las Vegas

It has been reported that the shooter (I'll refrain from using "alleged" this time, assuming the conspiracy theorists at Infowars and elsewhere have simply lost their minds) was apparently mentally stable and successful (supposedly a multim ...

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