My Sixties Life

I am a retired, sixty-something married woman. I’ve never been this age before – So, I am learning as I go along. Each year, I learn something different about myself. From collecting my social security, to gall bladder surgery! What more can I say? It’s a trip! Do not regret growing older - it's a privilage denied to many
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Peace Train

11 beauty rituals I learned from my Mom

Mom wasn't a drop-dead beauty but she was petite and very feminine and always took great care of herself. Some of my mom's beauty rituals didn't come in pretty bottles as they do today. She was right - and as I age, I find myself, doing what ...

Remember Teri Garr?

In my younger days, everyone used to tell me I looked like Teri Garr. Frankly, I never saw it. I'd meet people for the first time, and sure enough, they would stumble around, trying to guess the actress I supposedly looked like. I would then ...

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