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Mahalakshmi Sadhana Real Experience

Mahalakshmi Sadhana:Significance of Wealth in life!Goddess MahalkashmiI had reached an age where soon I had to burden the responsibilities of life. It is a sacred tradition in our family to seek the guidance and blessings of our revered Sadgurudev ...

Sadhana Of Saturn/Shani Sadhana

Sadhana Of Saturn/Shani Sadhana:Appeasing Lord Saturn!Shani Yantra (Lord Saturn)If there is anything that the knowers of astrology fear most it is the Dasa or the period of Saturn. And no wonder, for even if Saturn is a benefic in one’s horoscope, ...

Rambha Apsara Sadhana रम्भा अप्सरा साधना

Rambha Apsara Sadhana (रम्भा अप्सरा साधना):Rambha, The Celestial NymphAmong all the celestial nymphs, Rambha is on the first position. Apsara Rambha is regarded as well mannered and etiquette. Rambha is the synonym ...

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