“Petrichor” – The scent of rain on dry earth I’m a thirty-something woman originally from a small, wet country but living under a hot sun, many thousands of miles away from home. I miss the smell of my past.
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The End

At the request of Arekino who said recently in a comment that he wanted “closure”, I’ve come back to say goodbye. It’s been eleven months since I last wrote a post for this blog, probably because I just feel that I’ve ou

Thank you, Charlotte Kasl!

When I was attending SLAA meetings, everybody would talk about “the steps”. “Are you working the steps yet?”; “The steps changed my life!”; “Everything will get better when you start working the steps”.

Many Roads, One Journey

It’s been a while, eh? Nearly six months, to be exact. I didn’t think I’d ever come back to this blog, to be honest, and I was planning on starting a new one elsewhere. But if I do start a new blog, it would probably be something th