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Does leaving your former life to live in paradise really need much explanation? I had a dream to live in Italy. After four years of teaching and almost as many summers traveling, I knew that something had to be done...
Added: May 02, 2006
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Anniversary, and Off to Italy!

At this time last year, DoBianchi and I headed off to California to get married. Our first year together as husband and wife has been joyful and full of excitement about our future. Now we are embarking on another adventure, to the Veneto ...

Galluccio DOC

Galluccio is one of those DOCs that doesn't get much attention, and doesn't do much to garner any either. According to this text, there are grumblings of a new DOC for the long-forgotten grape varieties, Pallagrello (nero and bianco) and C ...

Happy Holidays from the Parzens

Here's a slide show that my DoBianchi put together with a Christmas song** that he wrote (very creative, this guy :). In this video, there are the highlights of our first year together as a family. What a year it's been! I can say without ...

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