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I haven't posted to this blog for about 1 year now and felt that I shouldn't just leave without saying goodbye.I have been busy training to be an artist (a childhood dream) and I have just set up a small creative business. This is why I haven't ...

Matt's sponsored 100 press-up challenge!

Last week my son, Matt, did his sponsored 100 press-up challenge in front of our karate class as part of his fundraising efforts for his Kilimanjaro challenge.I thought he made an heroic effort to achieve this challenge as he found it harder ...

Kilimanjaro 2014 challenge

Hi, so sorry to be absent so long, life has just been so busy these last few months!This blog post is a shameless appeal to promote my son's fundraising appeal - well, you know we mother's will do anything to help our offspring!My 18 year old ...