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Added: September 10, 2013
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Mother: Haha/ Okaasan (Learning Japanese with Dogs)

Unlike the English language, the term for mother is different depending on one's point of view.For instance, if you are referring to your mother, you use the word haha (はは).If you are referring to another person's mother, you use the word ...

Dog- Inu (Learning Japanese with Dogs)

Today's word is pretty basic and always used in bloggyville.The term inu means dog. So most of bloggyville have inu (dog) or neko (cat) masters dictating their posts.ちいさい いぬ- chiisai inu- small dog いぬ (Hiragana characters ...

Like- Suki (Learning Japanese with Dogs)

Today's word is suki. It's pronounced as "ski".According to JED (Android's Japanese-English Dictionary), the term suki means fondness, love, or liking. So, if you've come across a few Japanese drama or anime

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