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Can Hillary Do It? Review: Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Presidential Nomination

It has been a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton would win the democratic presidential nomination to lead her party into the next presidential election. Now, with the big win in California, she appears to have it locked. Bernie Sanders ...

Top Ten Tuesday: Best “They Got Cocky” Deaths On Game of Thrones

If you are not up to at least season 5 of Game of Thrones, SPOILER ALERT! Don’t you love it when a character get’s all cocky and think they are in the clear, only to up and die minutes later? Here now is … Continued The post Top

Harambe – who was to blame? Review: The Cincinnati Zoo’s handling of Harambe.

As almost all of the plugged in world knows by now, the Cincinnati Zoo was forced to kill Harambe, their endangered lowland gorilla. The video that has now been seen millions of times shows Harambe standing over a young child … Continued The ...

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