Morning in America by Trent Derr

This blog will focus on topics regarding American Exceptionalism- what has made America great. The topics will span business, economics, religion, societal behavior, foreign policy, politics, sex and humor. Hopefully we’ll cover all the topics you shouldn’t discuss in polite company. If you’ve spent your life as a victim, believe in the nanny state to cure society’s ills, or think the United States can tax its way to prosperity, this blog isn’t for you. However if you’ve ever pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, opened a door for the elderly, or held a baby and felt the presence of God, this may be your thing.
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Don’t Feed the PIIGS.

One old saying goes: “Pigs get fed. Hogs get slaughtered.” In general that advice to not be too greedy tends to be true. However, Grandma wasn’t thinking about the PIIGS of Europe. (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain). In this ...

Cain / Gingrich Debate in The Woodlands Texas on November 5, 2011

Presidential Candidates Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich will be in The Woodlands, Texas on November 5th for an in-depth discussion of critical issues facing our next President. “This event is a response to remarks by Speaker Gingrich regarding ...

If You Want To Solve Unemployment, Fire Obama.

If you have any doubt that government regulations discourage the growth of business and the creation of new jobs, go no further than looking at how the government treats employers who want to expand their operations.   Case in point, Boeing ...

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