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Soaking up Siberia - Beer

They always had Baltika somewhere there.Wherever I travel I try to drink mostly local beers. There's nothing like a pint of tasty never-heard-before ale from a local brewery that you're unlikely to find ever again in your home country. I can't ...

HR Giger Tourism II - The Bar

Shopping Center MilieuSince we weren't able to visit the Giger Bar at Gruyères back in 2002, because the bar was under construction, I made sure we'd route our next Switzerland trip two years later via the city of Chur. It's the artist's birth ...

Penn & Teller - It's What's for Dinner

At a restaurant in German city of Aachen I noticed familiar names on the menu. The item number 451 was called Jubi-Pennteller. I'm talking, of course, about