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Added: November 04, 2016
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Text to Speech tts.exe windows interface

Well, I decided to create something in my favorite scripting program Autohotkey. It’s not much and my abilities are really limited but here it is.  I convert a lot of text to audio to listen to vs. read. This interface allows the normal windows ...

New President

Wow, look who we have here. Well Mr Trump….sorry…Pres Trump, looks like you did it.  I look at you and see someone who is seen in a light that is common among the elite and over educated. You do not act and speak like a politician. You ...

Fixing the house

Talk about a bittersweet feeling. Getting a ton of work done on the house is extremely satisfying. However, watching the bank account take a dip is not.  Since this is a happy place I will focus my thought on the good and learned  side.  The ...

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