MLS Corner Kick

MLS Corner Kick
Added: May 18, 2010
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Artim Sakiri Corner Goal vs. England

Artim Sakiri corner goal in 2002 during an international match between England and Macedonian. What else can you say besides it never gets old to see a corner goal. With a lot of skill and even more luck Artim Sakiri offers up this beauty.

Manchester United vs Chelsea 2009

An oldie but goodie! January 2009, Manchester United vs Chelsea. This a super wierd and I must say awesome play. Check it out, Wayne Rooney is such a keen player.

David Beckham Corner Kick July 2011 Los Angeles Galaxy

When you think of the best of the best free kicks, the first person that comes to mind and likely yours is David Beckham. He is a God amount men with free kicks. This clip from July 2011 is no different. Galaxy and Chicago Fire were even 1-1 ...

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