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Miss Millennia Magazine is a place for “Generation Y” women to get all the information they need to stay informed and better themselves. Miss Millennia Magazine believes in empowerment through knowledge and liberation through education. We want to help women reach their fullest potential with information and support. Our business philosophy is simple; inspire women to be their very best, show them what they are capable of, and help them make this world better. We believe in celebrating our employees, helping major causes and bringing light to how powerful women of our generation can really be. We want everyone who helps with this magazine to be able to live their dreams through our magazine.
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How to Be an Incredible Female Business Owner

Women are increasingly choosing careers in entrepreneurship each year. More than 9.4 million businesses are owned by women—that’s more than 31% of all privately held firms in the U.S. But how can we ensure that our businesses will grow, ...

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