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Obamac-c-c-can We Not Talk About It?

I love a good conversation, that most ancient of art forms. Its word-laden arena sets us on high as a species and allows us as individuals to break away from our inherent loneliness (or animal nature) and make a connection, a true connection, ...

Al Jazeera: The Choice Isn’t Yours

“Notice: This content is not available from your location.” This is the message I get when I try to watch the live broadcast on Al Jazeera’s news app, something that has long been a staple of my daily news-gathering routine.  And when ...

An Apology to Obama

Hey there, Mr. Obama. How’s it going?  Hope you had a good time in Santa Monica.  What a crazy place to be the day you were here!  First, a fire. Then some bus gets shot up. Then a full-on campus shooting (did you hear he had 1300 rounds ...