Mindcryme: Because bottom line? The world needs a change.

Operation: Mindcrime is a concept album by the progressive metal band Queensryche. In it, a man named Nikki is brain washed into being a trained assassin by a man known as Dr. X, a leader in an organization that is both political and religious. When Nikki hears the word “mindcrime” he becomes Dr. X’s puppet. The stories you will find here are, to us, either absolutely insane or totally rocking awesome. Either the people have lost their minds or the government has or both. Because bottom line? The world needs a change.
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Dear Users: Sorry for the inconvenience, but…

So we’ve had a bit of a spam problem. As you might have noticed, someone forgot to add a captcha to our registration form, so we’re being nailed with bogus user registrations. 1800 of them, to be exact. Since there’s no real way to

VIDEO: President Obama Openly Discusses the Senate’s Failure

"So all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington." ~@BarackObama

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