Reflections and observations of a nidan living and training under Grand Master Morio Higaonna
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What's to Gain from Pain?

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be impervious to pain? As a martial artist, it'd certainly have its perks. It's the sort of superhuman power that belongs in comic books. Amazingly for some people it is a reality.Congenital Insensitivity ...

Martial Arts Addiction

I'm frequently told that we should aim for moderation in all things but when I look to those exceptional people – the people I find truly inspiring – moderation isn't exactly something they have in spades. To be honest, it's never been my ...

Dojo Diary and the 10,000 Hour Rule

Well, it's been a little quiet around here of late and one of my recent commentors pointed out that “writing is a discipline too" and one that “shouldn’t be neglected”. This is true. But, when life gets busy I think we sometimes have ...

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