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Added: November 29, 2012
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The E-Cat and the EmDrive, two unicorns that might change the world tomorrow

While the world is occupied with the day to day struggle, to make tomorrow’s deadline and to meet the next GDP target, in a world consumed by crises, hunger and the usual territorial and resource conflict, there are two technologies are creeping ...

Xenophobia: Evolution of Perspectives (part 3)

It is the year 3013 and in spite of continuous skeptic predictions Moore’s law held and computation power continued to double every 2 years till year 2100 after which it slowed down, but continued to grow. Our computation power is a million ...

Xenophobia: The Evolution of Peace (part 2)

3.1 ∘ The pacification trend The trend in human development seems to strongly indicate that, as a species, we are becoming more and more peaceful as we mature. Not only are we not executing the loosing teams at the end of the European Football ...

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