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Essays on the state of the World, on Ireland, and on my native Mississippi, all from my perspective at McCain's Corner
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Duke James Hamilton and his Red Beard

The Hamiltons of Abercorn are a well known and quite famous family.  They had estates in northern Tyrone and east Donegal and have had them for ages.  I descend from Hance Hamilton, to whom I discovered via DNA test results was a Abercorn ...

One Month Out From Stroke

post stroke, slightly shorter beard, and the ole brain at 80% or so...It has been one month, one week, and several days since my stroke.  Actually, I had two strokes and the ‘big’ one was on 30 September. What does one do for one month ...

My Stroke Update

Two Strokes, an Update.   Sort of old news now, but as many will know, I had two strokes. The first one came on 28 September.  I just thought I felt bad, took some ibuprofen and rested.  This was a great mistake of course.  Then, late on ...

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