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The Gaelic Wise Woman of Claddagh 1913

This is the oldest colour photo of an Irish 'wise woman' and was taken in 1913.  The woman's anglicised name is Nan (Anne) O'Toole.  She was born in Claddagh, west Galway town in 1877. She was a native 'healer, what we would call a 'granny ...


Irish actor Dave Swift in Redshank attire circa late 1500sThe text below is a chapter from my book 'The Laggan Redshanks, The Highland Scots in West Ulster, 1569-1630.'  It is the very interesting tale of a migration of Highland Scots from ...

Irish & Scots Female Ancestor Names in Primary Sources

Irish & Scots Female Ancestor Names in Primary Sources As you progress with your genetic genealogy research you will eventually reach a point where records were not written in modern English.   The records are often in Gaelic or written ...

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