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Added: March 21, 2011
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Physicians Must Place More Emphasis On Treating Chronic Pain

I haven’t published for a while, so when I saw a long but interesting article on the effects of chronic pain on the brain, I thought it was time to get active. In the post, the author talks mostly about the details of how chronic pain affects ...

The Potential of Electronic Nerve Stimulators

With a considerable number of people living with chronic pain, research into ways to alleviate this pain is always ongoing. We hear a great deal about drugs, and my last post on drugs that target the peripheral nervous system shows that these ...

Brand New Approach To Pain Management

One of the biggest obstacles to the management of chronic pain is often the drugs themselves that limit the pain. These drugs are often addictive, have side effects and lose effectiveness with ongoing use.  As a result, they often cannot be ...

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