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Review: All of You by Christina Lee

Avery has no desire to have a relationship, preferring to keep the men in her life as casual sexual encounters. Her troubling childhood are the main reason for her poor attitude towards love and relationships.   Bennett is the hot guy who ...

Gabriel's Inferno Series Reviewed by Mammagoddess

As I have mentioned in a few other posts in the past I have found a love, a kinship if you will, with romantic novels. Not just any novels mind you, I will admit, I like them spicy, racy perhaps even taboo, not unlike 50 Shades of Gray which ...

Addicted to Reading

I have always been an avid reader, I recall loving books from an early age. Of course how frequently I read depended on how busy I was at the time. Sometimes I had very little time to read a book for pleasure while I was in college and again ...

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