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Eclectic blend of political, cultural, economic and social opinion emanating from and occasionally related to the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. Philosophical observations on today’s social trends with a liberal bent.
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Who's Afraid of The Big Hairy Spider ?

Few Americans realize the hatchet job that the Reagan through Bush years did to the progressive income tax system, and to the quality of life that most American now have. While they wail about “excessive” taxation, they don’t remember ...

The Big Omission

Hometown papers have a nasty habit of skewing the news, editorially, to support self-serving notions. My hometown paper, the Altoona Mirror recently decided to describe the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package in the framework ...

Why the Rest of the World Still Hates America

In the late 1960’s people still believed that the revolution was at hand. In fact, it was by then, all but over. All that was ever to come of those angry masses wanting an end to war in their own lifetimes, an end to hypocrisy, an end to ...

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