An airbrush artist sharing his experiences on all things airbrush, including tutorials, other artists, and making it in the industry.
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Getting Into The Customer's Head

If you are thinking about using your airbrush to make money, chances are you'll be working with customers. Granted, some folks will be using the airbrush to create original designs they hope to sell, but those of the custom world don't have ...

Finally, Some Projects

Yesterday I got the chance to get started on a new project at work. Of course, I have also been horribly sick so I didn't get as much work done as I'd wanted to. It would figure that I finally get a project in the doors and I'm too sick to ...

The Wonders of Commission Work

I have been in Pittsburgh now for about a month and a half. In fact, today it will be exactly a month and a half. I want to say that things are going exactly how I thought they would, but that isn't entirely true. Money has been tight. Everyone ...