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Luxe Glam is a beauty blog dedicated to helping women of color learn to indulge and pamper themselves with at home beauty, hair and make-up tips and techniques. We proudly promote natural beauty remedies versus the chemicals and harsh treatment that we as black women normally put our hair through.
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Back to the Basics : Re-exploring the Braid-out

When I first went completely natural again in 2009, I was OBSESSED with all of the styles that most hair forums and blogs swore by like the Twist-out, Curly Nikki's Twist-N-Curl, Braid-out, mini twists, bantu knots, bantu knot outs, etc, etc. ...

Skip The Nail Salon...Get High Fashion, Long Lasting Nails in 20 minutes at Home

In this rough economy, I have had to cut back on my product junkie, shopaholic ways and bi-weekly visits to spas for upkeep :(   Lately, I have decided to pocket the 40+ dollars I was giving to the semi-rude-limited-English-speaking-non- ...

Why Braid Outs Are My Bestie :) ..Tutorial and More....

Hello my curlies! I want to share with you ladies one of my best kept hairstyling secrets. It lasts for up to a week at a time (for me, longer for some), quick and easy, has tons of style potential..and its low maintenance. It’s the ...

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