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At Lusk Law, LLC, we represent small businesses, landlords & tenants, and individuals in Maryland, to protect their short-term interests and help achieve their long-term objectives. We adapt to the needs of every single client, whether it be providing counsel for small businesses and start-ups, representing business and individuals in Court, or helping individuals with family disputes.
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How Landlords Can Avoid a Bad Reputation

Some landlords don’t care about the condition of their properties, but most people who get into the property rental business don’t want to be known as “slumlords.” To avoid that label, landlords must be diligent about repairing defects ...

Short-term Home Rentals: What You Need to Know

Home-sharing websites like Airbnb and HomeAway give property owners a way to make money from rentals, without the concerns of being a full-time landlord. In 2016, Maryland Airbnb hosts earned $25.3 million in rental income, so it seems likely ...

Scope and Parameters of Animal Seizures by Private Entities under Maryland Code, Criminal Law Article Section 10-615

In January 2017, Attorney Rebekah Lusk, argued Rohrer v. Humane Society of Washington County, in front of the Maryland Court of Appeals. A decision was issued in June 2017. Rohrer v. Humane Society of Washington County, No. 32, September Term, ...

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