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We take care our children since they are a baby. This blog discuss all matters related to baby, kids and children such as food, health, safety, education and games.
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Easy Net Access Spells More Risks for Children

Easy Net Access Spells More Risks for ChildrenBy: Rajeshwary MenonEasy access to 3G mobile connections, cybercafés and WiFi hotspots means children have more opportunity to go online unsupervised, leaving them vulnerable to internet predat ...

Parenting Tips

Parenting TipsHere are some useful pointers for first-time mothers as well as mothers with a new addition to the family. Power it downSome children bite or push and act like a bully. If your child does this, don’t reward him by letting him ...

Starting on Solid Food

Starting on Solid Foodby Rachel GoodchildThe do’s and don’ts of introducing baby to new fareWhen should you start your baby on solids? It really depends on the individual child but it should be sometime between four and six months. At six ...

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