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What would life be like without STEM? (#WithoutSTEM)

If you read any current educational journal, you could be led to believe that "STEM is Important to Our Future" is the mantra of the majority of educational reformers around the world. There have been so many documents, blog posts and speeches ...

SciTEX Learning's Supplemental Science Resources are Now Available from the Texas Education Agency

The SciTEX Learning supplemental Science eLearning resource is now available to order through the TEA's EMAT system.Resources for grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and topic resources for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Integrated Physics and Chemisty (IPC) ...

Texas to Save Bucks with eBooks

The cost of buying school text books for entire states including Texas has been a big discussion point in education for some time now, with the suggestion of purchasing digital books (or eBooks) as a cost-effective alternative. As with all ...