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8 Surprising Facts About The Most Widely Spoken Languages

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. — Frank Smith According to Ethnologue, there are over 7,000 distinct languages in the world and around 40,000 dialects. There is an amazing diversity ...

13 English Words That Change Meanings With Pronunciation

English pronunciation is like the cuckoo that is born in a crow’s nest. — Jims Varkey In our previous posts on language, we met the phantoms of the English language – the Phantonyms, and the two-faced Janus words – the Contronyms. The ...

Top 10 Funny Definitions Of Everyday Words

Life is better when you are laughing. There is laughter hidden inside everything – we just need to bring it out. Look around you. Do you see anything that makes you laugh? No? What if we tell you that things which we often overlook or take ...

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