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10 English Words Made Entirely From Letter Sounds

A thing of B-U-T is a joy forever. — John Keats Have you ever used U instead of YOU, or V instead of WE, or R instead of ARE? Do you know what such words are called? If not, then read on. Words with strange pronunciations, meanings, and appearance ...

The Best Ways Of Taking Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. –Paulo Coelho Eyes are like the silent messengers of the body – they reveal more than they hide. Eyes can tell when you are happy, sad, excited or tired. Humans have always had a special reverence and love ...

What Good Siblings Are Like

Siblings – children of the same parents who are perfectly normal until they get together. — Sam Levenson We all fight with our siblings, but we also cannot live without them. Do you know what good siblings should be like? Well, this week ...

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