Life, The Universe and Scifi

Life, The Universe and Scifi
Added: January 02, 2011
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The World Isn't That Bad

Over the last few weeks the news has seemed pretty bleak. There have been shootings, ax attacks and people being driven down in their cars. Isis seems to be as strong as ever and it's hard to forget about global warming during the hottest summer ...

The White Mage Omnibus

The White Mage Saga is never going to be my favorite series and it's probably not going to be the first book I recommend to anyone, but then I'm a bit old for the series and not it's target audiance. Still it is a good, solid well told story ...

The Hugo Awards. Let's do Better this Year.

The Hugo Awards are here again and it should be a moment when I'm excited. I love science fiction and fantasy and having a list of books that came out that are good should make me happy. But sadly the last few years the Hugo Awards have left ...

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