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Pre-Boot Star Trek: The Original Films Ranked

Before Kid Kirk stole the 'vette, there was an entire Star Trek film series.  Here they are, pre-reboot and ranked in the appropriate Tribble scale...Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)The 1960’s sci-fi show was brought to the big screen ...

Populist Popcorn

As one who is looking in from the outside, the current political climate in the U.S. is nothing less than fascinating.  With a perhaps inevitable exposing of the ‘Establishment’ by ordinary citizens finally seeing clearly enough to recognize ...

Rating Canada's Federal Political Parties

Liberals – FJustin Trudeau, Leader – F (there isn’t a lower grade)No surprise.  Here’s a group of misfits pushing a radically ideological set of policies, led by the son of a former Prime Minister whose public image is that of a male ...

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