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NBA Player Doesn’t Like Referee’s Call

I know it sounds completely crazy. Most of you have never heard of anything like this before. But last night a referee in a basketball game made a call and there was a player that, get this, didn’t like it! OMG! Now, this is being made a big ...

Westbrook’s Affect on Kevin Durant’s Game

I just finished reading an article over at nyloncalculus.com about what Kevin Durant’s shooting chart looks like without Westbrook in the lineup and then with him in the lineup. I quoted the summary below but you really need to read the whole ...

Too Much Snow – Too Much Passing?

The NBA postponed two games (kings /knicks and blazers / nets) tonight due to a crippling and potentially historic blizzard that should go continue into Tuesday. A blizzard warning remains in effect until midnight EST Tuesday night, and there ...

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