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Added: January 15, 2013
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Discover the Dinosaur at The Dubai Mall

Fact: A dinosaur fossil was discovered in an excavation site in Wyoming in 2008.Fact: That dinosaur fossil now calls The Dubai Mall its home!"Seriously?" That's the only word I was able to say when I first heard about the dinosaur on display ...

Bennigan's: Great American Meal and Warm Irish Hospitality

Ed and I spent most of our weekends in Asian restaurants lately. We absolutely love Asian food, but then we miss trying out different dishes and new dine outs spots. So when we decided to have our lunch at The Dubai Mall last weekend, it was ...

Dubai Festival of Lights at The Centre of Now

Dubai has always been shiny, shimmery and splendid! Just when I thought I'm used to its extravagant surprises, the city of glitz and glamour made my jaw dropped once again! Ed and I just witnessed the much-talked about Dubai Festival of Lights ...

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