La Otra Dimension Cocina

One frustrated foodie's adventures and musings on life in Buenos Aires. She rants, cooks, has a laugh as she learns a new langauge and settles into her new life in a new country.
Added: July 31, 2006
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Greener Pastures

I thought long and hard before attempting this post as it is very likely my last for quite some time. There are two reasons for my temporary departure from the blogsphere; firstly, I am going to Sydney to give birth to our first child Luca ...


I had spent much time away from my blog in the past week due to employment of a very different nature – it has nothing to do with cooking or food in general. While it is only 4 hours a day, it requires much concentration and intensity so ...

Slave Masters in Buenos Aires

Most middle class porteños and expats in BA take advantage of the availability of domestic helpers. Our domestic goddess is truly a Godsend; Guillermo and I treat her as our family and she is avuncular towards us.While our Graciela has passed ...

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