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Added: February 11, 2009
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New Year, New Things

I am so identifying with this, as a collector of things and especially when you are in cramped quarters of a Paris or NYC apt this is so relevant. This coming from a girl with beautiful rolls and rolls of French 1930s ribbons, glassware bursting ...

Photo montage of Michael Stipe and Thomas Dozol's NYC Loft

A very inspiring photo montage of Michael Stipe and Thomas Dozol's Loft. Love it. We live in a loft-esque flat, but this is what I truly aspire to. The original wood floors and such. Beautiful. Also features furniture from the delightful ...

Barneys 'Recession' Sale.

Just a little note.The Barney's sale is a-mazing. At least the recession has provided more equal access to fashion ;).I picked up the most beautiful Lanvin boots from Fall 08 (remember those highly coveted flat ones that LL and Nicole Ritchie ...

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