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Welcome to Know Thy People, a blog that focuses on enriching your personal financial life. Here at Know Thy People, I focus on personal financial matters and anything else that may come to mind.
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Protect Your Heirs – Tax Free Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer – What is The Best Method?First, the bad news: Life insurance premiums (subject to few exceptions) are not deductible. The good news: Depending on your age and health, a small amount of premium can multiply your after-tax ...

If you are open to Networking you Must Join the Largest

You don't have to purposely become a networker to reap the benefits of social capital -- otherwise known as the value behind your social contacts. As long as you take as much care in raising and investing your social capital as you do your ...

Is the US Thinking about raising their retirement age?

Americans are living and working longer, and Alice Rivlin, a member of President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, told CNBC it is time the Social Security retirement age reflects this fact of life.“(The) ...

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