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Added: October 11, 2010
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Space, the final frontier… Boldly go “Into The Darkness”!

Get ready for the new Star Trek Into the Darkness movie with action figures, statues, and prop replicas from classic Star Trek! Featuring the starship USS Enterprise from The Wrath of Khan movie. Accessorize for your viewing party with the ...

New in stock! Mass Effect Shepard Bishoujo, Tekken JC, Accel World Kuroyukihime, and more…

Exciting new arrivals! Female Commander Shepard bishoujo figure from the hit video game Mass Effect. Jaycee (JC) bishoujo figure from Tekken Tag Tournament. Roaring Blaze Sakuya Mode: Crimson Figure from Shining Blade. The lovely and intriguing ...

Getting ready to watch Iron Man 3 the Movie?

Get these great ARTFX statues and POP! vinyl figures based on the latest Iron Man movie! Iron Man Mark 42 stands 15 inches tall (1/6th scale) hovering over the lifelike water effect. War Machine is captured mid-flight at 15 inches tall (1/6th ...