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7 Most Durable Computer Brands List in 2014

Hi guys, ever thought about what's the most durable laptop in the world so far? Many people feel so dizzy about why the laptops they've purchased quickly broken or very durable and reliable. Research anywhere about finding the most durable laptops, ...

Kindle Fire Root & Troubleshooting with Superuser

This weekend i have another challenge about kindle troubleshooting. There are many request from my readers about making kindle fire root tutorials. Actually already many tutorials on the internet about how to do the rooting , but i still wrote ...

Create Your Own iPhone Ringtones from iTunes

Ringtone are sense of modern phones. Now we have another ticks and tutorials about making mobile phone ringtone. Ringtone itself is exciting, because we could choose a song to be made in Ringtones on the iPhone or iPad. iTunes actually has a ...