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Added: May 09, 2011
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Local Home Listings Reflect 2013 Buying Trends

Homeowners who are puzzling over whether to add their property to the Solano County home listings this winter (rather than hold back until spring) have more than just timing to factor into their decision. How their offering will stack up alongside ...

Listing Your Home During the Winter Months

If you are a Solano County homeowner struggling with the decision about whether listing your home for sale during the winter months is good or bad, there are arguments for either choice. Let’s start with the “pros”: One of the best things ...

2012 Housing Picture: Break Out the Bubbly?

It may be a little early to start putting the champagne on ice, but looking over last week’s releases of housing reports gives us a fairly good idea of how our Solano County housing picture for the year 2012 is likely to end up. “The housing ...

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